Avocons d.o.o. on the German - Croatian Economic Forum BVMW 2019

Selected companies from Croatia and Germany gave the Get-Together to each other on February 19th 2019, in the central office of the largest german entrepreneur association BVMW in Berlin. Miss Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović - the president of Croatia and Mr Mario Ohoven - the president of the BVMW opened this significant meeting and emphasized the the important cooperation between German and Croatian companies. Avocons d.o.o. and Avocons GmbH ideally connect both within one company. Important new conversations were held with companies in energy management, real estate development and IT-technologies as well as concrete project ideas and plans were discussed.

Avocons d.o.o. has also received a very positive feedback from the Industry and Chamber of Commerce of Croatia - Mr Barbaric (Vice President) for the right project development - at the properly location, with the right intention (correct and future-oriented) for the realisation of supervised living and health tourism - in Solin (in particular) and in generel.

Social engagement

In the course of regional development of regions, municipalities and cities, based on well-prepared infrastructure – a wealth of cooperation talks and partnership agreements with regional and national representatives took place, all of them aimed at targeted economic, environmental and social development. The aim of the company Avocons is to be sustainable societal support for Croatia – also with regard to demographic change processes in the EU and the resulting needs; the creation and support of new bids in different economic branches, and the entrepreneurial and investment projects development.

Specifically, we serve companies that their market or market expansion see in Croatia, or want to find their market there in the future – from the formal start-up to the supervision and control of project implementation. In addition, due to our regional knowledge, we make suggestions that make project implementation realizable and easier.