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The prosperous Croatian market continues to expand in 2018 – now with the support of the entrepreneurial and real estate development company Avocons. The Avocons company is counteracting the demographic change in Europe and, in particular, Germany with real estate development. The assisted living – an exemplary part of Avocons GmbH expertise, will be available to anyone who wants to enjoy their retirement life in five-star accommodation with full-time care in the Mediterranean climate. Avocons looked for and secured in the special areas ideal places for such facilities. Whether in the immediate vicinity of the ancient cities of the former Roman Empire and/or in prominent places along the seashore, several investment objects are already in the making. The Avocons company undertook all the effort to integrate the country's best architects into their team, to secure sought-after terrains at the best locations, and, of course, to continuously foster flawless collaborative relationships with decision-makers from national and regional politics.

According to its basic principles, the Avocons company is, either as a business partner or a consultant in the development of an entrepreneurial project, committed to supporting the growth and development of any company wishing to expand its business activities on the territory of Croatia. Furthermore, we support, of course, every investor who, in addition to a good investment, also wants to be a participant in socially, ecologically and economically popular projects with excellent dividends. And there is more than that. Because even in the pure private acquisition of 5-star apartments – whether an apartment in an assisted living complex or not – Avocons GmbH in Berlin, as well as our subsidiary, Avocons d.o.o. in Split/Croatia, advises you on the topic.

It is currently possible to invest in a condominium called "Solin Residences", a residential complex which offers premium quality accommodations in the sophisticated city of Solin. There are 42 high quality residential units in this residential complex attractively located on the Croatian coast, with barrier-free access and with the offer of comprehensive service included, such as medical care or restaurants – in short, in a retirement home in a class of its own.

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Real estate project
for major investors

For major investors, the company Avocons d.o.o. is currently developing another real estate project. In idyllic fishermen's village Pirovac, in 2020 a touristic accommodation complex with an innovative, high quality architecture and a unique panoramic view of the Adriatic will be built. The complex offers even three accommodation options: first is the hotel, then the apartment block, and then the privileged accommodation in the villas – so that different target groups of users are addressed. Also, this project does not look like other mass tourism projects at all – high end equipment, an open, low and spacious construction method, as well as harmonious integration with adjoining olive groves distinguish the resort.

The company Avocons now proactively monitors, consults and develops entrepreneurial projects in the field of high technology. Thus, in Croatia, business relations with entrepreneurs from the field of nanotechnology have been developed, with their activities reaching all the way to Berlin and Brandenburg (and more in the reverse direction). So, Avocons not only advocates corporate development directly in the area but creates new jobs and encourages linking of experts – allowing companies from Germany to expand their business areas.