Development of
Entrepreneurial Projects

Counseling consulting and Structuring

Development of entrepreneurial and real estate projects in Croatia as part of the tourism industry.

In matters of this topic, we are comprehensively consulting and monitoring you in all segments of growth and development – from the establishment of the company, through its involvement in the market to the support of enterprise management; from the concept development of the real estate project, through its realization to the maintenance of the facility. We advise you in advance and in a comprehensive manner about the region, culture, history, language and all key legal issues and legal determinants in the field of tax laws, labor laws and building laws. In addition, in advance, we will present you an example of the facility and complete cost calculation and will advise you on all the terms of the services market as well as on the procurement market. We will be happy to offer you already developed investment projects.

We develop and implement partnership solutions for the interested parties/clients/companies which then a) result in newly defined effective corporate goals that all parties involved benefit from (WIN-WIN system), b) initiate a dynamic marketing process and lively turnover in goods and services, and c) starts new markets for businesses and new entrepreneurial projects, and thereby opens new opportunities for all involved and interested parties. This process encompasses all forms of project analysis, including sources of funding, gain and cost calculation.